Long Time,No Blogging!

Hi,It’s Ameera.I haven’t blogged in 3 years!That’s a very long time.I am in Grade 6 now.I don’t go to Ancaster Meadow anymore because a new school opeened and I am in the catchment area….Anyways,I have a new classroom,new gym,new everything!I am so scared but also very excited.It is winter break now and I can’t wait to see my new school!Most of my friends are coming with me,but my first friend that I had made at AM is not,so on the last day of school at AM,me and her were crying because it was sad to see me leave and now she is all alone in AM but I think she’ll make new friends.


Hi!I love school.It is so much fun.I am in grade 3.I am excited about EQAO.  (evil questions attacking Ontario)Right now we are learning to write grade 4 paragraphs.Just like right now. You need a topic sentence,3 supporting details,and a conclusion.There are 3 terms for school.My favourite subject is art and cursive writing.That is why I love school.


Let me tell you all about me.I love to sing.My favourite food would probably be salisbury steak.My favourite restaurant is Nando’s.At Nando’s,they sell “peri-peri” chicken,which is a portugese spice that is a bit spicy.Otherwise,the food is scrumptious and I would eat it everyday if I could.My favourite subject is math and art.My best friends are Casey,Katerina,Alicia,Kauri,Imaan,Paulina,and Sophia.That is all about me.


The Brave Explorers

Once there were explorers named Ameera,Anwar,Lizzie,Joeclyn,Lily,Aiden,Sydney,and London.They liked to explore so much.One day they found a time machine and they went back to the time when there were dinosaurs dorming and exploring the earth..At night,when the moon was up and around, they had marshmallows and sausages and when they went to bed, there was a scary real ghost.The next night, they were all awake and they saw a haunted house.Then they went inside and they saw real vampires,ghosts,mummy’s,and frankenstein.But,they were so brave they didn’t get scared.

(They were actually laughing but one person cried.)

The end.